Batch convert iPhone HEIC photos to JPEG with Affinity Photo

I take a fair share of photos on my iPhone and more times than not they get safely synced to iCloud. In my experience HEIC is not a format that plays nicely in Windows 10 without adding the extension package.  Even with the package installed I've had less than ideal experiences working with them in file explorer.   I recently took a bunch of screenshots of my son using the Animoji heads that I had a creative idea to use in a nice collage of sorts.

The HEIC format has been around since iOS 11 and has its advantages in terms of file compression which reduces the file size.  While I considered changing the default photo format to JPEG within the iPhone settings, what I really wanted to do is find a way to automate the conversion process on my Windows machine.

Thankfully Affinity Photo came to the rescue in a single step using Batch Jobs.  Find it in the File menu and select the group of photos you'd like to convert, set your output options and you're good to go!  

While was one of the more simple examples of what the batch tool is capable of, I could see it being useful for resizing web asset for multiple screen sizes or adding a water mark to a group of photos.

** Here's what I ended up using the photos for on my sons iPad lock screen

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