Mix 10K Competition

My entry into this years Mix 10K competition is a blackjack game made with Silverlight. It seems appropriate as the conference returns to Las Vegas this year. This will sure to be of use as we tend to end up at the tables at some point in the day.

The point of the competition is to write a Silverlight/HTML5 application in under 10k of code. While developing my submission I had to combine classes, remove plenty of white space and refactor many objects into shorter names to pull it off. In the end it almost reminded me of coding a strongly typed JavaScript (one could only wish).

To show appreciation for my efforts I received a t-shirt in the mail with the Mix 10k logo. To be honest it was all I was expecting out of it.. guess I’m just a sucker for free swag!

View My Blackjack10k Entry

[![Blackback10k Game](https://res.cloudinary.com/dfnueek6g/image/upload/v1557767225/blackback10kgame_phcyp5.png "blackback10kgame")](http://mix10k.visitmix.com/Entry/Details/199)
[![Mix10kShirtFront](https://res.cloudinary.com/dfnueek6g/image/upload/c_crop,h_600,w_600,x_0,y_100/h_225,w_225/v1557767226/Mix10kShirtFront_druwz7.jpg "Mix10kShirtFront")](https://res.cloudinary.com/dfnueek6g/image/upload/v1557767226/Mix10kShirtFront_druwz7.jpg)[![Mix10kShirtBack](https://res.cloudinary.com/dfnueek6g/image/upload/c_crop,h_600,w_600,x_0,y_100/h_225,w_225/v1557767226/Mix10kShirtBack_kw1fij.jpg "Mix10kShirtBack")](https://res.cloudinary.com/dfnueek6g/image/upload/v1557767226/Mix10kShirtBack_kw1fij.jpg)
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